Opus Mach

About Us

Opus Mach. Innovative? Check. Ordinary? Definitely not.


Established in 2014

Opus Mach is a startup company with an aim to reinvent the manufacturing and engineering space.  We are an incubator for innovation creating complex and innovative systems for industry and the consumer.  Our business model is distinctive and provides the foundation for value creation, collaboration, and forward thinking.  As we grow, we will continuously conceive and establish pioneering methods and technologies that build upon this foundation to ensure success for ourselves and our partners.

The Team

  • Dee Kapur

    Dee Kapur

    President & CEO

    Dee is a forward thinking visionary with a passion for design & engineering.  Throughout his career Dee has broken down barriers and redefined markets.  His ability to see the solution past the problem allows him to question “the way things are” and foster innovation.  Dee has created Opus Mach to be a true incubator for innovation in American Manufacturing.

  • Dave Bruford

    Dave Bruford

    V.P. of Operations

    Dave’s entrepreneurial drive paired with his background in engineering and manufacturing make him an ideal leader for Opus Mach’s day-to-day operations.  His integrated approach to all areas of the business allows him to ensure all teams have the tools and resources they need for success.

  • Craig Sobolewski

    Craig Sobolewski

    VP Sales / Project Management - CNC Division & Midwest Delta-Waseca Truck Body Custom Builds

    Experienced Sales Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the machinery industry. Skilled in Corporate Finance, Production Management, Marketing Strategy, Facility Management (FM), and Human Resources. Strong sales professional with a Master of Business Administration – MBA focused in Financial Mathematics from Walsh College.

    Extensive auto industry exposure. Recent focus on Additive Manufacturing with a relationship with TRUMPF North America.

    Also serving Midwest Delta-Waseca Truck body builds and accessories.

    Direct dial/text  586.943.3198.

Different by Design

At Opus Mach, our culture is driven by the impact we want to have.  Our values represent the factors that embody that impact.

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  • Work Smart & Play Hard

    We are a collaborative group of people who work to objectives, not a time clock.  We think it’s important to let people be responsible for their own success and to create the opportunity to have some fun along the way!

It All Begins
with Amazing People

CNC MachinistCNC ProgrammerSenior Mechanical Engineer

CNC Machinist

Opus Mach, LLC is a brand new engineering and manufacturing company, with a dynamic culture and high-tech office and machinery. We are looking to fill a CNC Machinest role.

Job Competencies

  • Measure dimensions of finished work pieces to ensure conformance to specifications, using precision measuring instruments, templates, and fixtures.
  • Mount, install, align, and secure tools, attachments, fixtures, and work pieces on machines, using hand tools and precision measuring instruments.
  • Stop machines to remove finished work pieces or to change tooling, setup, or work piece placement, according to required machining sequences.
  • Transfer commands from servers to computer numerical control (CNC) modules, using computer network links.
  • Check to ensure that work pieces are properly lubricated and cooled during machine operation.
  • Set up and operate computer-controlled machines or robots to perform one or more machine functions on metal or plastic work pieces.
  • Insert control instructions into machine control units to start operation.
  • Review program specifications or blueprints to determine and set machine operations and sequencing, finished work piece dimensions, or numerical control sequences.
  • Listen to machines during operation to detect sounds such as those made by dull cutting tools or excessive vibration and adjust machines to compensate for problems.
  • Remove and replace dull cutting tools.


  • Working knowledge of Haas machines preferred, but not required
  • Must have 2-3 years of experience
  • Must have high school degree, GED or higher
  • Must pass background check and drug screen
  • Lathe experience a plus

CNC Programmer

Opus Mach, LLC is a brand new engineering and manufacturing company, with a dynamic culture and high-tech office and machinery. We are looking to fill a CNC Programmer role.

Job Competencies

  • Determine the sequence of machine operations, and select the proper cutting tools needed to machine workpieces into the desired shapes.
  • Revise programs or tapes to eliminate errors, and retest programs to check that problems have been solved.
  • Analyze job orders, drawings, blueprints, specifications, printed circuit board pattern films, and design data to calculate dimensions, tool selection, machine speeds, and feed rates.
  • Determine reference points, machine cutting paths, or hole locations, and compute angular and linear dimensions, radii, and curvatures.
  • Observe machines on trial runs or conduct computer simulations to ensure that programs and machinery will function properly and produce items that meet specifications.
  • Compare encoded tapes or computer printouts with original part specifications and blueprints to verify accuracy of instructions.
  • Enter coordinates of hole locations into program memories by depressing pedals or buttons of programmers.
  • Write programs in the language of a machine’s controller and store programs on media such as punch tapes, magnetic tapes, or disks.
  • Modify existing programs to enhance efficiency.
  • Enter computer commands to store or retrieve parts patterns, graphic displays, or programs that transfer data to other media.


  • Proficient with NX/Unigraphics CAM package
  • Must have 2-3 years experience
  • Must have associate degree or certification
  • Must pass background check and drug screen
  • Haas experience preferred but not required
  • Lathe experience is a plus

Senior Mechanical Engineer

Opus Mach, LLC is a brand new engineering and manufacturing company, with a dynamic culture and high-tech office and machinery. We are looking to fill a Senior Mechanical Engineer role.

Job Competencies

  • Read and interpret blueprints, technical drawings, schematics, or computer-generated reports.
  • Assist drafters in developing the structural design of products using drafting tools or computer-assisted design (CAD) or drafting equipment and software.
  • Research, design, evaluate, install, operate, and maintain mechanical products, equipment, systems and processes to meet requirements, applying knowledge of engineering principles.
  • Confer with engineers or other personnel to implement operating procedures, resolve system malfunctions, or provide technical information.
  • Recommend design modifications to eliminate machine or system malfunctions.
  • Conduct research that tests or analyzes the feasibility, design, operation, or performance of equipment, components, or systems.
  • Investigate equipment failures and difficulties to diagnose faulty operation, and to make recommendations to maintenance crew.
  • Develop and test models of alternate designs and processing methods to assess feasibility, operating condition effects, possible new applications and necessity of modification.
  • Develop, coordinate, or monitor all aspects of production, including selection of manufacturing methods, fabrication, or operation of product designs.
  • Specify system components or direct modification of products to ensure conformance with engineering design and performance specifications.


  • Proficient with NX/Unigraphics CAD/CAM package
  • Must have 3 or more years of experience
  • Must have bachelor’s degree (engineering or related field preferred)
  • Must pass background check and drug screen

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